AIA Training

Raymond Engineering is a registered AIA Continuing Education Provider, and is pleased to offer four face-to-face Lunch ‘n Learn presentations that help expand AIA members knowledge on our innovative services. We currently offer four AIA/CES approved courses: “Roofing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, “Droning on about Drones”, “Asset Management” and “Restoration of the Legislative Building”.

Droning on about Drones

This presentation gives the audience an understanding of the history of drones and associated technology; and how the development and use of drones have evolved over time.  Additionally, the course includes performing an actual drone demonstration showing how a drone currently works and how they can be used by building/property owners, architects, engineers, consultants, and/or contractors.

Roofing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This presentation provides information, discussion and updates related to roof warranties and guarantees, management systems to track roof condition, and examples of what can go wrong with roofing systems as a result of owner, designer, and/or contractor construction and maintenance issues.

Asset Management

Management of a facility and its respective assets are critical to maintaining those facilities to perform as designed and to perform to their planned service life. An Asset Management System and the process to perform systematic observations and inspections of the facilities are critical to assure that facilities perform and fulfill the requirements of providing a safe and comfortable educational experience. This presentation will outline the process to establish and maintain an asset management program and leverage GIS to provide an enterprise asset management solution.

Restoration of the Legislative Building

As a service to our customers, Raymond Engineering provides an AIA accredited course on observing how the building envelope of the Legislative Building was restored to prevent water entry, arrest deterioration of exposed concrete surfaces and improve thermal performance of the roof systems.