Construction Management

Testament to Raymond Engineering’s commitment to growth and our enduring quest to better serve our clients, the company is excited and proud to announce the expansion of our construction management services division.  For years the company has been an industry leader consulting, designing, and providing construction oversight for building envelope commissions.  Now Raymond has come full circle offering third party construction management services for the total project.  With a wealth of “in house” resources, we are well armed to continue the Raymond Engineering tradition of offering top shelf quality, creating value, mitigating risk, and helping clients maintain healthy bottom lines.

Our commitment to clients is simple.  Your project will be continuously viewed through a “risk mitigation lens” and afforded meticulous, principal level attention daily.  Yet, we will never lose sight of your “big picture”.  These commitments are critical to your success and ours in the competitive, high-risk, and sometimes volatile construction and real estate development ventures.  Proven project management practices, winning records of cost containment and schedule maintenance, unbridled commitment to the Client, and a diligent pursuit of perfection will be the drivers for delivering projects of the highest standards.


The Four Phases

Raymond’s template for planning and leading the design and construction effort is a four-phase process.

  • A proven system for site selection and analysis
  • Producing accurate and realistic estimates and budgets
  • Delivering highly functional and financially viable project solutions
  • Skillful orchestration of site due diligence efforts
  • Maintaining optimum flexibility in the procurement and contracting of goods and services designing programs that reduce costs, save time, and create value
  • Recommending project structure and delivery method best suited to Client needs and objectives
  • Creating competitive sourcing processes, structuring, culling, and bringing competent project stockholders to the table
  • A proactive approach to project planning
  • A solid track record developing and nurturing relations with building officials and permitting agencies
  • Competency advising Clients structuring and negotiating leases, purchase and sale agreements, contracts, and loan agreements
  • A focus on collaboration seeking continuous input from project stakeholders
  • Experts at directing efficient production of Bid and Construction Documents by leveraging a thorough investigation of Client objectives, and detailed programming processes creating facility and construction efficiencies, mitigating ambiguities resulting in reduced design revisions and costs while propelling job progress
  • The “value engineering” effort commences early and does not stop until the project completes
  • The ability to craft cost effective and timely solutions to challenging sites
  • Exploring all options for Client Decisions
  • Analyzing “project delivery” systems and methods and advising a structure that best suits Client objectives
  • A focus on aesthetics and creating designs with everlasting appeal
  • Skilled at exploring options for future expansions based on economies, efficiencies, and ease of construction
  • Incorporating value added design provisions resulting in long term economic benefits and future flexibility
  • Mitigating costly change orders and surprises by conducting thorough planning during pre-development and crafting contracts that protect the Client
  • Conducting thorough review of progress design documents ensuring “scope of work”, design, and budget compliance discipline
  • Ability to develop “bid documents” that are complete, clear and thorough, and absent ambiguities and duplications
  • Developing bid strategies enabling competition, creating value, and mitigating risk
  • Systematic bid analysis process that is thorough and attentive to detail
  • Diligence and skill developing strategies for stimulating the bid market
  • Tried and true systems that allow for expedient and accurate bid analysis, contractor culling, and contract award
  • Attentive and proactive budget management
  • Productive, efficient, and well documented project meetings
  • Regular, effective, and streamlined reporting systems
  • Accurate and thorough project documentation
  • Schedule monitoring and enforcement
  • Diligent focus on product quality by attacking the punch list during construction and not at substantial completion
  • Thorough review of the work in place and keen attention to detail commanding strict adherence to the highest quality standards
  • Cutting edge quality control methods and reporting systems that are thorough, accountable, and field-tested, ensuring projects are free of latent and patent defects
  • Skillful change order management and negotiations
  • Expedient project close out, facility turnover, and quality end of project deliverables

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