Construction Management

Testament to Raymond Engineering’s commitment to growth and our enduring quest to better serve our clients, the company is excited and proud to announce the expansion of our construction management services division.  For years the company has been an industry leader consulting, designing, and providing construction oversight for building envelope commissions.  Now Raymond has come full circle offering third party construction management services for the total project.  With a wealth of “in house” resources, we are well armed to continue the Raymond Engineering tradition of offering top shelf quality, creating value, mitigating risk, and helping clients maintain healthy bottom lines.

Our commitment to clients is simple.  Your project will be continuously viewed through a “risk mitigation lens” and afforded meticulous, principal level attention daily.  Yet, we will never lose sight of your “big picture”.  These commitments are critical to your success and ours in the competitive, high-risk, and sometimes volatile construction and real estate development ventures.  Proven project management practices, winning records of cost containment and schedule maintenance, unbridled commitment to the Client, and a diligent pursuit of perfection will be the drivers for delivering projects of the highest standards.