Dry Roof Leak Detector

We currently added new equipment that enables inspectors to quickly and effectively test non-conductive roof finishes (such as bitumen, liquid-applied, single-ply and asphalt) for pinholes, porosity and other defects.

Dry roof leak detectors utilize the non-conductive properties of roof membranes as an electrical insulator whilst the substrate beneath the membrane conducts electrical current and is earthed to the structure of the building. The detector unit is also earthed to the building and the test probe is connected to the positive side of the detector, creating an ‘open circuit’. As the detector passes a defect in the membrane, the current required to complete an electrical circuit reduces due to the lower dielectric strength of the membrane. As an electrical circuit is created, current ‘jumps’ the gap to earth; triggering the detector unit’s alarm.

• Lightweight & portable
• Easy to use
• Test voltage calculator included
• Audible & visual alarm fault indicators
• Clear LCD with back light
• Membrane keypad operation
• Microprocessor controlled
• Automatic voltage selector
• Accurate sensitivity control
• Rechargeable batteries
• Displays electrode current
• Volume control for quiet environments
• Power limited to avoid coating damage
• Wide range of accessories & electrodes available
• One year back-to-base warranty