East Carolina University – Biotechnology Building

Greenville, NC

This project involved replacement of the low sloped roof membrane and insulation of a 14,110SF area with a new Lightweight Insulating Concrete system and 2-ply modified asphalt roof membrane system and repair of the glass canopy entrance. The project also included installation of a fall protection system, replacement of the vertical sealant joints, wet seal of the glass entrance canopy, brick tuckpointing and application of a water repellent to the building envelope brick façade.

The facility housed biology testing laboratories on the second floor and a pediatrician’s office on the first floor. Prior to designing the roof replacement we performed water testing of the first floor doctor’s office glass entrance canopy.  We identified the source of water infiltration and designed new waterproofing for the entrance.  All work was performed while the facility remained operational.

Our role as designer of record, required the performance of field investigation, design, specification writing, bidding assistance, construction monitoring, and assistance to the owner.  The relevance of this project is to show our experience with design engineering and construction management of a lightweight insulating concrete system and modified bitumen roof system.


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