Specialized Services

When it comes to building envelope and waterproofing systems, Raymond Engineering is recognized as one of the experts in this specialized field.

Failure Investigations

When a system fails, you want to know why. We can research the failure to tell you what happened. Whether the failure was due to weather events, structural deficiencies, or other performance related issues, we have the understanding and experience to evaluate failed systems and identify the source. As part of this service, we can provide you with a detailed report documenting our investigation including observations, recommendations, and photographs.

Litigation Support Services

Seeking legal recourse when a system fails can be costly and will likely consume your time and energy. That’s why you need a dependable expert to testify on your behalf. Raymond Engineering is recognized as a leader in roofing litigation testimony working with a number of building owners, roofing contractors, and law firms. When you need an expert witness regarding the failure of your roofing or waterproofing system, you’ll want to call Raymond Engineering-Georgia, Inc.

Roof Asset Management Plans

Raymond Engineering uses RoofPro® to maintain an interactive database of roofing asset information for our building owners. The software program includes an organized database system, roof maintenance program, and high quality report generators. You’ll be able to better manage your costs by identifying maintenance needs in a timely manner so you can extend the life of your roof. This program also provides you with a detailed cost plan for maintenance and replacement of your roofing assets.

Other Consulting Services

    • Review roofing plans and specifications.
    • Assist architects and building owners in resolving complex roofing/ waterproofing design issues.
    • Work with owners in the development of roof maintenance programs

Laboratory Analysis & Materials Testing

To determine what materials were used in the construction of the roofing/waterproofing assembly and to evaluate the conditions of these materials, our specialists can make selected openings to examine substrate conditions. We also collect samples of the materials to be further analyzed at a laboratory. This generally includes identifying the composition of the roof membranes and checking for asbestos-containing materials. When specialized sample analysis is required, we work with several materials testing laboratories with whom we have partnered.