Building Envelope & Non-Destructive Testing

An effective building envelope assures that a building can operate as designed. Should a leak occur, the integrity of the building is compromised. Production is jeopardized. Products can be damaged. Building components may be rendered ineffective. A leak invites a multitude of problems! The specialists at Raymond Engineering are experts at evaluating any problems and providing sound solutions.

Building Envelope/Waterproofing Analysis

Determining the effectiveness of your existing building envelope is our primary objective. Our first step is to conduct a visual inspection of system components:

  • Membrane
  • Flashings and metal flashings
  • Drainage facilities
  • Walls above roof level and above grade
  • Equipment (to determine watertightness)
  • Penetrations

Upon completion of our visual inspection, we carefully document any leaks that may indicate concerns with building envelope performance. In addition, we measure the building envelope and/or walk and take photographs of the existing conditions.

Non-Destructive Surveys

Non-destructive moisture surveys are especially advantageous in those situations where selected repairs may be beneficial to extending the overall performance of the building envelope system. Our staff has considerable thermography experiences and can conduct infrared and electrical capacitance surveys.

Infrared Moisture Surveys

Infrared testing is a non-invasive process for identifying areas where moisture may have infiltrated the roofing assembly. The infrared camera captures the thermal image of the  roof system which may identify areas of moisture infiltration. Infrared surveys can often identify moisture in the roof membrane before it becomes a major problem.

Air Barrier Testing

Due to more stringent energy efficiency requirements, we have the capability to examine the building exterior to identify areas where air is leaking through the building envelope, especially at windows, doors, and other penetrations. Our staff will coordinate with your agent and/or HVAC contractor.

Electrical Capacitance Surveys

Electrical capacitance moisture meters can measure the electrical resistance within a roof system and detects changes in roofing conditions that may indicate the presence of trapped moisture.

Survey Findings

Upon completion of our field activities, we provide our clients with a comprehensive report which includes:

  • Written descriptions of our visual observations.
  • Photographs of existing conditions.
  • Roof plan.
  • Results of any roof opening and/or laboratory analysis.
  • Infrared survey results, (if part of the requested work).
  • Electrical capacitance survey results, (if part of the requested work).
  • Executive Summary.
  • Cost estimates for the repair and/or replacement of roofing systems and/or associated components.