Building Envelope/ Waterproofing Design

Each building is unique. The specialists at Raymond Engineering have the skill and expertise to design a building envelope/waterproofing that covers your building, while considering function as well as form, action as well as appearance.

Upon completion of the evaluation, our project team will meet with you to review your requirements and expectations. We will then get to work developing plans and specifications that are detailed and distinctive. We can also provide designs of complex systems while maintaining operations during the construction project.

During the design process, our specialists:

  • Meet with you to review your requirements and expectations.
  • Conduct a site inspection to examine existing conditions.
  • Develop project specific instructions in a bidding document that will be performed by the successful bidder.
  • Prepare a plan and detailed drawings that clarify the specific requirements.

With any building envelope/waterproofing project, you want to be certain that your expectations are being met regarding the design you have approved. The specialists at Raymond Engineering go the extra step to help you with the many details involved in contracting for a replacement or repair project.

Design Services Include:


  • Preparing advertisements,
  • Conducting a pre-bid meeting,
  • Preparing addenda for distribution to all parties,
  • Attending bid openings,
  • Preparing the bid tabulation form, and
  • Preparing contracts.