Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

Raymond has been providing QA/QC and commissioning services for MSC Cruises to develop the island called Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve (Ocean Cay). The island is 95-acres in size, 11,400 feet of which is beach front spread across six distinct beaches. This island will be the largest island development by any cruise company in the Caribbean.

Ocean Cay will offer a multitude of features, such as an all purpose-built berth and pier right on the seafront which will allow guests to step off the ship straight onto the island. There will be a 2,000-seat amphitheater for live music and entertainment and numerous restaurants and bars. On the northwest corner of the island is an area designated for an exclusive spa and wellness sanctuary with private bungalows and massage huts.

All installations and experiences on the island are designed to be fully sympathetic to the culture and traditions of the Bahamas. A comprehensive landscaping plan has been developed to include more than 80 indigenous Caribbean trees, grasses, flowers and shrubs, such as Jamaica Dogwood, Red, Black and White Mangroves, and Beach Morning Glory. An architecturally faithful Bahamian village has also been designed, along with a variety of shops and an inviting arrival center with island-themed music gazebo.

Additional features include:

  • A family beach with kids’ restaurant and play areas
  • An inland lagoon
  • A zip wire crossing the island
  • A pavilion for weddings and celebrations