101 Stratford Road Parking Garage

Winston Salem, North Carolina

Raymond worked with Highwood Properties to prepare the design and construction documents for this single story parking garage.

The scope of this project included partial deck traffic coating removal, and the reinstallation of deck coating over the entire deck surface. Other repairs included sealant joint removal and reinstallation, installation of protective sheet metal cladding for brick parking guardrails, routing cracks, the installation of bond breaker and sealant, design of expansion joints, masonry tuckpointing, masonry removal and replacement, epoxy injection of cracks and the removal and replacement of unsound concrete. The entire structure was analyzed for structural soundness and an overall condition assessment was performed to determine the integrity of the other aspects of the deck. Parking deck drains were also added to eliminate locations of ponded water.

Work was successfully completed on this parking deck despite the facility being occupied 95% of the time with a single vehicle access ramp.  Work was planned for weekends or evenings, and weekly communication with the owner occurred prior to the contractor arranging for work to be performed.  Revising drainage piping in order to improve the parking deck drainage was made difficult due to the sloping of piping and the maintenance of sufficient vehicle overhead clearance.

Design and installation of the coating was challenging as the project budget demanded a longer curing deck coating be used. This curing deck had a limited application time during the fall due to rainy periods and cool temperatures. The challenges were overcome, and the project was able to be completed on time and within the allotted budget.