North Carolina State – Hodges Wood Laboratory

Raleigh, North Carolina

This 20,305 SF project involved replacement of the low slope roof system with the replacement of existing clerestory windows.  The new roof system included a revised tapered insulation layout and relocated roof drains to allow for proper roof drainage.

The University contracted with Raymond to replace this roof in 2007.  We identified that window replacement would be required as a part of roof replacement due to low flashing heights.  Therefore the University put the roof replacement project on hold until they could replace the windows.  However, the economic downturn prevented funds from being available to replace the windows and the roof replacement project was delayed.  By 2013 the need for roof replacement had grown, however, the windows had yet to be replaced, and the project budget remained a concern to the University.  Therefore, we were able to assist the University by designing replacement windows for the building.  We addressed the University’s budget concerns by including multiple alternates in the project to ensure a roof replacement project could be awarded.

Following receipt of bids, the University was able to select the installation of a new roof with a highly reflective PVC single-ply membrane, and include new windows in the project.  Following installation of the new window systems, ASTM E1105 window water testing was perfomed to ensure they were leak free.  We coordinated with the University and contractor to ensure necessary interior work related to window replacement and roof drain relocation could take place at times acceptable to the building occupants.  The resulting relocated drains and tapered insulation establish a roof system with positive drainage to get water off the roof efficiently and quickly.  This project is relevant, as it shows our experience with design engineering and construction management of single-ply membrane roof systems for the University System.