Georgia School for the Deaf

Cave Springs Georgia

The Georgia School for the Deaf, operated by the Georgia Department of Education, provides educational services to students who are hearing impaired.  Limited funding had resulted in a considerable amount of deferred maintenance, leading to the need for a significant amount of infrastructure work.  Precision Planners retained Raymond as a roof consultant to evaluate the existing roof systems on six (6) buildings and then to make recommendations for repair and/or replacement.  Our evaluations recommended the replacement of the roof assemblies on the cafeteria, classroom wing and dormitory, but perform selected repairs on three (3) other buildings.

Raymond then assisted in the development of design documents, provided contract administration assistance during re-roofing / repair operations and conducted periodic quality assurance inspections to insure work was performed in accordance with the contract documents.  As a result of our work at the School of the Deaf, Raymond Engineering was retained as the designer for the environmental remediation, structural modifications, and re-roofing of the Rock Barn, which is one of the original buildings on the site.