Lockheed Martin – Building L45

Marietta, Georgia

Scope of Work

Lockheed Martin had attempted to sell building L45 and as a result had performed little maintenance to the roof.  Instead of selling the building, it was repurposed to storage parts – Lockheed Martin continued to look for a buyer.  Raymond was retained to develop bid documents for performing certain repairs to resolve active leaks and to re-coat the existing built-up roof so as to extend the life of the roof in lieu of a roof replacement.

Value Engineering

In lieu of developing a comprehensive specification, Lockheed Martin agreed to allow us to prepare a procedures document, saving Lockheed Martin significant dollars in design fees.


We applied an aluminum coating over the existing roof system in order to reduce the energy loading to the building.  Additionally, an emulsion coating was applied before the aluminum coating was applied in order to fill minor defects in the membrane.


The project was supposed to start in late summer, but Lockheed Martin delayed the work.  As a result, work took place during November which impacted the contractor’s ability to apply the coating due to lower temperatures.