AC Flora High School

Columbia, South Carolina

Raymond was retained by the Richland One School District to provide architectural and engineering services for the roof replacement of the ROTC building at AC Flora High School in Columbia, South Carolina.

The existing roof system was removed to its entirety down to the existing deck, including flashings, gutters, downspouts and any other related items.  Asbestos containing material was found along the overhang and Raymond designed an abatement plan and it was executed by an approved contractor to safely remove the panels and replace with new gypsum decking. A new roof system consisting of polyisocyanerate, mineral perlite cover board, and a 3-ply felt pattern with SBS modified bitumen cap sheet was installed on all roof areas, with new metal flashings, counter-flashings and gutters.

A structural L beam that was severely damaged was identified after the removal of the existing roof system. The contractor submitted a change order to include the price of the new steel L beam to replace the damaged existing beam. The change order utilized money from the allowances to provide an inexpensive repair to the Owner. All asbestos containing material was removed from the building and new gypsum decking was installed to provide a cleaner environment. All asbestos was removed by an approved contractor which included a safety removal plan and appropriate methods to contain the asbestos for proper disposal.

All work was required to be performed after hours and on weekends as to not disturb school operations.