Allison Animal Care

Savannah, Georgia

Raymond was retained by Alison Animal Care Veterinary Clinic with the purpose of providing renovations to convert a restaurant into a veterinary clinic. Detailed plan drawings were created in order to develop the most effective design for the Owner. These plans were created in awareness that the elements of the veterinary clinic needed to produce cost efficient design elements and an ease of work flow for employees.

Attention to existing features in the building, as well as low cost design options were utilized for savings in cost. Raymond worked closely with MEP engineers to maintain economical solutions in order to meet the budget of construction and to help assist in low costs operations for the Owner. The bathrooms were designed to be built in close proximity to existing sources of plumbing, and all materials selected for the restrooms were cleanable, slip resistant and durable so that the bathroom elements would hold up with repeated cleanings. Practical design features such as clear floor spaces and bathroom accessories were used in the design plan and economical, energy efficient lighting was selected to help drive usage costs down. The bathroom elevations were detailed with all wall mounted fixtures placed with their corresponding ADA dimensions and suggested wall finishes were shown for review with the client.

After approval of all systems and finishes, Raymond completed the drawing specifications and worked closely with the Owner and contractor to ensure a successful project. The construction was brought up to code to meet the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Guidelines, the Georgia Accessibility Code, and the insulation and HVAC was also upgraded to meet the current energy code. Throughout the project, Raymond was aware of the client’s needs and successfully balanced them with the requirements of accessible design.