Brookwood Park Condominiums

Atlanta, Georgia

Project History
Brookwood Park Condominiums were constructed in 1959 as apartments. Raymond was the third roofing consultant retained by the association board as it struggled with the decision-making process of re-roofing this facility. Since an assessment on each member was the basis of funding a number of critical projects, cost was the most significant issue.

Design Issues
We encountered a number of challenges, including dealing with access to the roof to remove existing materials and installation of new materials; the use of the roof by penthouse residents, existing planters that also served as a barrier to accessing the building edges, coordinating re-roofing work during the replacement of the chiller system; and improving roof drainage while dealing with limited flashing height.

Design Solution
The solution was to design a ballasted EPDM roof system at those locations where tenant access was limited. A paver and pedestal system was installed in the patio areas. A protected membrane system was installed in selected areas to provide a lower area outside of the patio areas, and to improve drainage away from the patios. Additional pavers were installed at building edges to prevent wind scour of river-run ballasts, and to improve the aesthetics.

Much of the insulation and many of the existing pavers were re-used. In addition to the environment savings, it also provided a reduction to the cost of the project.