Cedartown First United Methodist Church

Cedartown, Georgia

The Cedartown First United Methodist Church in Cedartown, Georgia retained Raymond to provide a waterproofing and roof replacement design, along with re-roofing and re-caulking the building.


Raymond was retained to remove the asbestos shingles on the roof and install new asphalt shingles.  All of the existing roof system was removed and decking was repaired and replaced in necessary areas.  New gutters, downspouts, flashing, and shingles were then installed.


The 22,400 square foot church was experiencing water infiltration into the sanctuary around the 40-year-old leaded stained glass windows.  Raymond performed a visual assessment of the damage caused by the water, and concluded that the window wet glazing had failed as well as the seal between the limestone band and brick.  Raymond developed a specification to replace the wet glazing with a new silicone sealant, replace the seal between the limestone band and brick with new silicone sealant, and install a new water-based saline sealer at the limestone bands. These specifications were provided to waterproofing contractors to use in determining the pricing for the work.