Duke University – East Residence Hall

Durham, North Carolina

Duke’s East Residence Hall is a three-story, co-ed dormitory that houses approximately 80 first year students. Raymond was retained for this project because the roof was experiencing numerous points of water intrusion, causing significant ceiling damage within and affecting residents. Initially, our team specified temporary repairs to curtail active leaking, and to provide repairs to damaged ceilings so that the rooms could remain occupied by students until the full replacement was carried out.

The definitive decision for this project was to complete the steep slope roof replacement project and include new custom ordered interlocking clay tile, snow retention cleats, copper flashings, gutters and downspouts. Full perimeter scaffolding erection was also required during construction.

Because this building is a dormitory, careful planning with all parties was necessitated in order to minimize impact on campus activities and, in particular, the student residents. Raymond worked diligently during the construction phase to ensure that the project was completed without incident to the surrounding area.