Ft. Lauderdale Federal Building, US Courthouse

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Raymond was retained by the General Services Administration Region 4 to provide Construction Management as Agent for remedial repair work being performed at the Ft. Lauderdale Federal Building. Opened in 1978, this facility is used by a number of different agencies, with its primary tenant being the Federal Court System. For several years there has been water infiltration at numerous isolated areas, causing mold build up which has affected the ability of tenants to use portions of the building. Lebolo Construction was retained to provide design-build services to remediate the mold and to perform selected repairs to the plaza and roof areas. As part of the overall project, the roof/plaza drainage system was modified in the underground parking garage so that it would continue to freely flow, even when the city’s storm sewer system was unable to handle certain storm flows.

During the course of the project, a number of issues were encountered as leaks continued to occur, although repairs were performed in the areas of concern. Raymond assisted Lebolo personnel to provide further evaluation of areas where water could be entering the facility, developed procedures for correcting these conditions and assisted in developing a cost effective solution to drill a hole in the abandoned line, allowing water to flow into the existing drainage vault and upsizing the sump pumps to successfully pump the water into the new drain lines located in the ceiling of the parking garage.

Raymond was responsible for reviewing design and contractor design/construction documents, reviewing submittals, pay applications, change orders, conducting weekly progress meetings and participating in weekly conference calls with GSA–Region 4 personnel and the contractor.