Gables Residential – Park Lane on Peachtree

Atlanta, Georgia

Raymond was retained to provide cost estimates and develop plans and specifications for this project for Gables residential. Raymond handled the pre-bid process to include the advertisement for bid, pre-bid meetings, and bid tabulation. Contracts were drawn up for the management company. Also, included in the scope was working closely with their roofing contractor by conducting on site meetings, handling the construction administration, and providing periodic quality assurance inspections.

This project involved the re-roofing of a 17 story condominium building in a heavy traffic area of downtown Atlanta, Gesorgia. Parameters in the design of this building included coordination with the general contractor during the roofing portion of the work while renovations of the entire structure were underway. Renovations were done while this facility was occupied, therefore timelines had to be addressed and tenants had to be kept informed so that the project did not disrupt interior operations. Also, access to the roof would require a crane high enough to deliver roofing materials while not interfering with road access adjacent to the building. Removal of the existing built-up roof was required and a fully adhered EPDM roof was installed.