GSA IRS Chamblee Parking Deck

Chamblee, Georgia

The parking deck located at 2385 Chamblee Tucker Road, Chamblee, Georgia provides parking for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Annex. The parking deck is a three level cast-in-place (CIP) concrete parking structure that consists of the slab on grade with two elevated Post-Tension (PT) concrete slabs. The elevated slabs are supported by CIP concrete columns with drop panels. There are four primary stair wells enclosed by CMU walls. Five distinct sections of the parking deck now have their own lateral force resisting system, (concrete shear walls), and each section is separated by expansion joints that were replaced as part of this project. The overall parking deck to be repaired included the entire footprint of these combined sections which is approximately 358 feet x 242 ft. The CIP concrete parking deck was constructed around 1998.

Raymond has been retained by GSA-Region 4 to serve as the Construction Manager agent for the repair work at the IRS Parking Deck, 2385 Chamblee Tucker Road, Chamblee, Georgia. Although the structure was built 8 years ago as part  of the new IRS call center campus, the post-tension cantilevered deck system on the 2nd and 3rd levels has failed, making  significant portions of the deck unavailable for use by employees. An investigation revealed that the upper level decks and upporting columns were improperly designed and constructed, resulting in the partial failure of the structural assembly.

Raymond’s duties include submittals review and managing any requests for information and/or change orders; conducting weekly progress meetings and inspections with the contractor, and monthly review meetings with the IRS  management; schedule and monitor all testing and structural inspections to ensure testing is performed in accordance with the contract requirements; managing the GSA’s ePM electronic project management system; reviewing and approving any contractor applications for payment; performing all project closeout requirements; and resolving any issues which may impact the quality of the work and/or the schedule.

The most significant issue that has impacted the project is that it is not feasible to shut down the parking garage because the site serves as the call center for taxpayers who have tax-related questions for the entire country. Accordingly, Raymond is working closely with the GSA and IRS to develop and implement a phasing schedule for the work.