Herschel Jones Middle School

Dallas, Georgia

Raymond was retained to assist The Facility Group in developing design documents for the Paulding County School system facility, Herschel Jones Middle School.  This school consisted of one original building with additions, a covered walkway, kitchen, and gymnasium. The existing roofing systems consisted of standing seam metal decks, lightweight insulating concrete fill, gypsum concrete on foam board and bulb tees, and structural concrete roofs. In addition, the standing seam metal deck located on the original building had been installed over a built-up roof system. Tear off would need to be accomplished on both roof systems on the original building, covered walkway, and classroom additions. A three-ply modified cap built up roof over tapered insulation system was recommended and designed for these areas. Raymond recommended that the gymnasium standing seam roof system not be replaced and repair specifications would be developed. All hot work would occur during the school calendar recess and all other work would be accomplished after the recess.

The scope of the work consisted of:

  • Evaluate of systems for roof replacement.
  • Proposing schedules.
  • Developing plans and specification.
  • Handling the bidding phase.
  • Periodic roof inspections.