Homerville State Prison/Georgia Department of Corrections

Homerville, Georgia

This facility, which was previously a school, had been extensively repaired to resolve leak issues with very limited success. Raymond initially provided a roof evaluation survey to include a visual inspection of the following components:

  • Membrane and flashings
  • Roof mounted equipment (from the standpoint of water entry only)
  • Expansion joints and covers
  • Walls above roof level and wall above grade
  • Roof slope and drainage facilities
  • Other items that may have impact on the performance of the roof assembly, such as parapets, penetrations, etc.

Also included in the roof evaluation survey were roof openings to inspect the system composition and condition and sample analysis.  A thorough report of findings was included which provided conclusions and recommendations, a roof plan, and results of laboratory testing.  Based upon this evaluation survey, Raymond was retained to provide re-roofing design on selected areas. Three sets of plans and specifications were prepared for the Georgia Department of Corrections for review and comment.  Prior to finalization, modifications to the document were made based upon the Georgia Department of Corrections recommendations.  Five sets of the final documents were provided.

Raymond conducted a pre-bid meeting with prospective bidders at the site to answer questions prior to bidding.  Upon the issuance of contracts, we then reviewed the contractor’s submittals, conducted on-site meetings, reviewed security and work plans, and provided inspection services to ensure the contractor adhered to the plans and specifications.  Daily reporting and review of documents were performed as part of the inspection services. All final close-out documents were prepared for the Georgia Department of Corrections by Raymond Engineering.