Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Company

Marietta, Georgia

The Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Company’s Marietta, Georgia plant has the primary mission of building and servicing the C-130 and C-5A cargo transport planes, and constructing the new F-22 fighters. Many of the facilities were built during and/or after World War II and have been used in a number of different ways as its mission has changed in support of the military’s defense structure. Raymond Engineering has been retained to assist Lockheed Martin with its roofing program. Our services have consisted of performing evaluation surveys of the roofing and structural systems to determine the condition of roofing system components, whether the structures meet current Factory Mutual wind uplift objectives, and developing budgets for such work. As budgets have been approved by the U.S. Air Force and/or Lockheed Martin, we have then developed plans and specifications for bidding, performed construction administration, and quality assurance inspections during construction. Additionally, we have worked withthe Lockheed Martin facilities staff in the development of a fall protection protocol which has been incorporated into the roofing projects.

The roofs on all occupied facilities have been designed so that the roof assemblies meet current International Building Code Congress Energy Code requirements. Existing metal roof panels and sheet metal components that are being removed are being sent to metal recyclers. The specifications have a requirement for the use of Georgia manufactured/harvested products whenever possible. Light colored roofing membranes are specified in order to reduce heat gain. Lastly, systems are designed to assure the maximum service life.