National Roofing Initiative (NRI) FY15 Inspection

Louisville District

Raymond was retained by Michael Baker International to design the roof replacements of 20 buildings across 19 Army Reserves bases.  The buildings ranged from multi-story large facilities to small equipment storage rooms.  The locations of the bases spanned from Hawaii to Florida to New Hampshire and several states in between.  USACE also has energy efficiency requirements where white PVC roofing and R-30 insulation is preferred.  We traveled to each site to gather site information and dimensions which was then compiled and delivered to the office staff that created custom designs for each building.  Roof systems designed where modified bitumen membrane, PVC membrane, and asphalt shingles.  Flat insulation systems were designed at locations of sloped structure; however, tapered insulation systems were also necessary at flat roof decks.  At metal panel roofing, PVC overlays were designed.  Depending on conditions, snow guards, access ladders, metal wall panels, and vapor barriers were also necessary at certain sites.

The sheer volume of roofs and their locations across the US coupled with the requirement for Registered Roof Consultants to perform the field work made gathering site information very difficult.  Our staff was able to work out the logistics to cover multiple sites in one trip to maximize trip effectiveness and speed field work.  We worked with boiler plate templates to complete the designs and were able to provided deliverables on schedule.

USACE has requirements to provide reflective roofs and increase the thermal resistance value to R-30.  Were practical, we were able to provide designs to meet these requirements.  Where metal roof panels systems have failed, we designed PVC overlay systems to reduce waste associated with existing roof removal.