Navy Federal Credit Union

Pensacola, Florida

The Navy Federal Credit Union initially retained Raymond to assist in resolving leak issues at Building One. As a result of our efforts in evaluating and resolving these issues, our contract was extended to include Quality Assurance Inspection services on Buildings 2, 3 and 4. Although the roofs on Buildings 2 and 3 were installed in reasonable order, the subcontractor performing their work on walls, skylights, and return air plenums significantly damaged the completed roof system. As a result, Raymond was retained to perform a comprehensive moisture survey to identify where moisture had infiltrated the roof. Raymond then provided full-time inspection during the remedial activities to remove wet and deteriorated materials and install new materials.

As a result of the problems that occurred during the construction of Buildings 2 and 3, Raymond assisted the design team in designing a secondary roof system for Building 4 that would allow interim construction to take place in a watertight environment while providing a surface that would withstand the work performed by other trades. Once all work was completed, the secondary roof was repaired and the new roof assembly was installed without any water infiltration.

Problems developed after the roof systems were installed on Buildings 2 and 3. Construction by other trades damaged the membrane and allowed water to infiltrate the system. We were retained to perform infrared and electrical capacitance surveys to quantify the extent of infiltration, and then to provide full-time Quality Assurance Inspection services during the removal and reinstallation of new materials.

Buildings 1, 2, and 3 were LEED Gold Certified, while Building 4 was awarded a LEED Platinum certification.