Bartow County Schools

Dueto significant rusting of the existing metal roof panels, the Bartow County Schools retained Raymond to design a new recover roof assembly and to manage its installation by the roofing contractor. Although the administration implemented a very long design selection process, we were given a very short timetable for bidding. In less than two weeks, we had inspected the facility to evaluate existing conditions and determined which penetrations would remain. We issued and received approval of the plans and specifications and developed a schedule for bidding and contracting. Although we had not been involved in the budget development of this project, the project came in within the budget and was free of change orders. Although the metal panel delivery was slow, the contractor was able to complete the project in less than three weeks after delivery of material.

SES provided us with little advance notice to mobilize to the site since the start of the work was dependent upon approval by AFCEE and weather.  We were able to be on site with little more than a day’s notice.  Our client and the installation staff have been impressed, not only with the professionalism of our field personnel, but with the quality of our inspection reports that we provide electronically on a daily basis.