Police Training Academy

Gwinnett County Commissioners

During the design development phase, we were retained by the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners to review and comment on the architect’s roofing design prior to bidding. The building envelope was designed by an Architectural Firm. A few major issues were encountered with this particular design, because of the designer’s adamant position on the use of interior gutters instead of installing the gutters along the eaves. Additionally, the gutter design failed to take into account that standing steam metal roofing would be installed on the upslope and down slope sides of the gutter, resulting in possible leak conditions in the event the gutters should become clogged with leaves/ debris at some future date. We were able to resolve these conditions by providing recommendations to the architect for its consideration.

Lastly, we provided quality assurance inspection services during the installation of the roofing assembly. These quality assurance inspections proved to be beneficial due to careless installation on the part of the roofing contractor. A significant portion of the roofing needed to be rejected for failure to follow the specification and manufacturer’s instructions. Raymond also assisted the architect and owner with roof-specific issues during construction.