Public Safety Center Parking Deck

Raleigh, North Carolina

This is a 4-level deck with the ground level being enclosed and conditioned space for an EMS satiation. The dock coatings, sealers and expansion joints on this parking garage have exceeded their useful life. Each deck level is approximately 37,500 sf as shown by the pre-existing drawings. Additionally, the expansion joints on each level are 185 ft. failed sealants long.

Wake County retained Raymond to restore all 3 levels above the ground floor while adhering to budge limitations.

During the design phase, Raymond conducted several field investigations to obtain field measurements, perform visual observations of the deteriorated concrete, deck cracks and failed sealant.  We performed a chain drag of the deck to locate areas of delaminated concrete.

Our team designed the coating an repairs needed to provide a sound substrate, which included selected crack repairs, replacing un-sound concrete of the deck driving surface, installing sealant between deck/curb and between curb/parapet. Design also included installing a traffic coating (approx. 40-60mil thickness) over the horizontal deck surfaces.

Detailed drawings and specifications were designed to indicate extent of needed deck repairs, coating work, to indicate re-striping and deck surface signage along with staging plan drawings.

During the Bidding phase, Raymond will provide an advertisement statement, conduct pre-bid meeting and take meeting minutes. We will prepare any addenda and respond to any Wake County and contractor questions. Additional services that will be provided include Construction Contract Administration: Preconstruction meeting, review contractor submittals, review/approve pay requests, site visits, construction monitoring, reports, conduct pre-final inspection, prepare punchlist and conduct a final inspection prior to performing close out.