Roosevelt Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center

Warm Springs, Georgia

Raymond’s scope of work included an initial roof evaluation survey of multiple buildings with a variety of roof systems, roof design, construction administration and quality assurance inspection services. Re-roofing design specifications were generated for re-roofing these buildings to include the removal of the existing slate tile roof on the old school house, cleaning of removed, un-damaged slate tiles, and acquisition of new slate tiles to match the existing tiles. In addition, the specifications included provisions to repair and/or replace damaged sections of decking, resolving numerous flashing height issues and correcting several drainage problems. The existing slate tile roof was preserved in an effort to maintain the historical preservation of the building.

Historic Restoration
This project consisted of multiple buildings with roof systems encompassing slate, shingle and TPO. The design on this project also involved matching the existing historical details on the fascia as well as matching the slate roof on the school house. In accordance with the historical look of the facility as well as diligence to sustainability issues, Raymond removed, cleaned and re-used as much of the slate as possible.
Many residents in this facility have special needs, so the staging of the work required attention not only to the continued usage of the facility, but also the health and safety of the residents. As with any governmental agency project, it was of utmost importance to spend the dollars wisely. One advantage that our website provided was the ability to obtain a wide range of bidders, which helped in keeping the bid competitive. ss
The timetable on this project was unique because it dealt with state-allocated funds. Due to the lateness of approval of funding, the fieldwork and design had to be completed on extremely short notice. The bidding documents and pre-work were handled, as well as the contract documents so that the project could be completed during the summer months, on time and on budget.