Summit Parking Deck

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raymond, on a team with Capital Associates was selected to provide monitoring/inspections services on the repair of the Summit Parking Deck located at 4101 Lake Boone Trail. Services included monitoring of long-term movement of the parking deck by the installation of 10 gauges in various locations to record movement measurements at 6 month intervals. After the monitoring was completed we recommended the following items:

  • Shore (support) beam/girder as required along the beam/girder length and at the bearing (corbels). Prevent vehicles from driving over the affected areas of the T flanges.
  • Chip out loose concrete and clean rebar of rust.
  • additional inspection of the exposed reinforcing bar and surrounding concrete after the bar is exposed to review if any additional reinforcing is required.
  • Replace the concrete with Sika Armatec 110EPOCEM and Sika TOP 123 Plus.

For the concrete pad, we recommended the following to prevent further water intrusion of the rebar in the spalls of the T flanges that have caused rusting and spalls.

  • Rout the cracks in the concrete pad with a grinder to create a clean joint. Also, route the joint, around the perimeter of the pad, between the pad and the deck below. Joint size shall accommodate sealant and backer rod or bond breaker tape. Sealant depth at midpoint shall be ½ the joint width to provide a 2-1 sealant joint profile or as required by the sealant manufacturer. Mask the surfaces adjacent to the joint with tape and tool sealant into place.
  • Install backer rod and sealant. Sealant should be traffic grade to withstand foot traffic.
  • Install concrete deck sealer (H&C by Sherwin Williams) over the entire surface of the concrete pad to waterproof the concrete.

We also recommended replacing or rewelding any deteriorated or detached plates welded between double T flanges as shown in the as-built drawings from Tindall will replace these connections to their original condition as designed by Tindall. Other items that arose while inspecting the property included replacement of pavers, walkways and various deck repairs. Corbel repairs included concrete patching and sealing, sealant, re-welding double T flange connections, and installing structural steel supports beneath the flange connections.



Structural Engineering