Tri-Cities High School / Palmetto Elementary School

East Point, Georgia

Raymond was retained to perform a condition assessment of Tri-Cities High School in East Point Georgia.  This information was used by the Architect who was providing design specifications for the school renovation. Additionally, Raymond was retained to perform a plan and specification review on division 7 (roofing) within the specification and provide comments where necessary.

Our scope of work also included construction management of the roofing for the school renovation. As part of that responsibility, we observed the complete removal of the existing modified bitumen roofing to the decking, attended pre-work conferences, project meetings, provided reports with pictures electronically to all parties and provided quality assurance while the during installation of new torch-applied modified bitumen roofing system at both schools and the round gymnasium that was recovered with PVC roofing at Tri-Cities High School.

At Tri-Cities High School, Raymond resolved the following issues:

  • Our observer identified that several of the fasteners securing the insulation were loose prior to installing the roofing membrane. The instances were marked daily to ensure that boards were adequately secured.
  • Existing roof drain bowls were not secured, and this issue was identified by the Raymond Engineering observer. The Architect provided a change directive to installed under-deck clamps at drains were not currently installed.
  • Drain line at round gymnasium roof was filled with concrete, and water stood on roof around drains. REI worked with Architect and Contractor to utilize existing scuppers as primary scupper to abandon leaking drains.

At Palmetto Elementary School, Raymond resolved the following issues

  • New drain assemblies were incorrectly installed for the type of decking. We identified issues, and worked with the Architect to ensure that proper materials were used to installed new drain assemblies.

In order to minimize the cost to the owner, the cost for the construction administration was coordinated between both schools, and by doing this, we were able to coordinate engineering site visits and provide one observer to work at both schools.