Virgin Islands – Coca Cola Distribution Facilities

St. Thomas & St. Croix, Virgin Islands

This project included two phases which included emergency repair consultation, damage assessments, long-term repair recommendations, and structural evaluations immediately following hurricanes Irma and Maria at two Coca Cola distribution centers located in St Thomas and St Croix, USVI. Both facilities consisted on metal roof and wall panels over steel structures. Raymond was a part of a disaster response team paired with a Contractor which traveled to the project sites to complete emergency repairs at these facilities. Our team’s responsibilities included assisting the Contractor in evaluating the condition of the distribution centers and determining the necessary repairs to protect the facilities from further damage. This was unique in that there were very limited materials available and the contractor and our team had to work together to determine the best available repair. Raymond was responsible for creating a visual condition assessment reports of the facilities’ roofing, walls, and components and cladding along with short and long-term repair recommendations.
Phase two of this project included a structural evaluation of the components and cladding of the St Thomas facility which suffered severe damage during the storm. This was unique in that no existing drawings or as-builts were available for the facility. Out team collected all necessary measurements and member sizing to perform the components and cladding evaluation once he returned from the site. This evaluation included loads from ASCE 7-10 as well as FM Global as well as rehabilitation requirements. Raymond assisted the end client (Coca-Cola) in determining the necessary repairs on each of their facilities as well as overall condition assessments and structural capacities.