York County Law Enforcement Training Center

York, South Carolina

York County contracted Raymond to evaluate the building envelope of the Law Enforcement Training Center.  The survey revealed a dead-level concrete and gypsum deck, deteriorated masonry, broken windows and glass block masonry, and the presence of asbestos containing materials, lead based paint and coal tar pitch in the existing building materials.  The survey also revealed hail damage to the spray foam roof system, which resulted in an insurance claim paid to York County.

Raymond designed a new two ply modified bitumen roof system with tapered insulation that is warrantable for up to 20 years.   The design also included: a comprehensive masonry repair scope to address the deficiencies in the masonry; appropriate measures to remediate the hazardous materials in accordance with OSHA standards and other governmental regulations; and a new translucent insulated polycarbonate wall panel system to replace the deteriorated glass block masonry and windows in the openings of the clearstory.  The design addressed all the current deficiencies, resulting in a water tight and more efficient building envelope.