Specialized Services

Raymond Engineering is recognized an one of the experts in a variety of specialized fields. We have provided a synopsis of these services below.

When a system fails, you want to know why. We can research the failure to tell you what happened. Whether the failure was due to weather events, structural deficiencies, or other performance related issues, we have the understanding and experience to evaluate failed systems and identify the cause.

  • Building and Structural Evaluations
  • Roof Systems Damage Evaluations
  • Damage Assessment of Plant and Facilities
  • Aerial Drones Investigation
  • Infrastructure/Utilities Evaluation and Analysis
  • Wind/Flood Damage Assessments and Determinations
  • Marine and Coastal Engineering
  • Water Intrusion Loss Evaluations
  • Reconstruction and Repair Programs
  • Design-Build Services

Raymond’s drone fleet uses DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire drone models. Both models are licensed to fly up to 400 feet above a facility site, with the ability to take full HD 1080p images and Infrared (IR) thermography. Each drone offers the potential for interchangeability between the different types of camera, as well as allowing for other sensors to be loaded onto the platform.

Raymond is recognized as a leader in litigation testimony working with several building owners, roofing contractors, and law firms. When you need an expert witness regarding the failure of your system, you’ll want to call Raymond Engineering.

Quality Assurance Inspection Services is the proper administration and coordination of your project can greatly impact its successful completion. During the installation of materials, Raymond can ensure that the contractor is performing the work to comply with the contract documents.

  • Infrared Moisture Surveys
  • Nuclear Moisture Surveys
  • Electrical Capacitance Surveys
  • Air Barrier Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Wind Uplift Analysis
  • Drainage Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Accessibility (ADA) Surveys
  • Interior Space Assessments
  • Historical Preservation Analysis

To determine what materials were used in the construction of the building assembly and to evaluate the conditions of these materials, our specialists make openings when evaluating a system. We also collect samples of the materials to be analyzed at a laboratory.